• Gives you a healthy saw blade cutting constitution
  •  Multi Ripping Wood T.C.T Saw
  • Did your saw blade health check?
  • Giant T.C.T Saw Blade / Hot saw blade
  • Aluminum, Copper, Non-Ferrous Metals cutting Saw Blades
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Product > ◢ WAGEN Saw Blades-JAPAN

◢ WAGEN Saw Blades-JAPAN

Offering you a wide WAGEN brand T.C.T saw blades and PCD cutting tools. With whole set heat treatment line made in JAPAN, Laser cutting machine from Switzerland, brazing and grinding machine from Germany, exact examining machine (JAPAN), advanced quality and production control system , WAGEN can supply T.C.T saw blades and PCD cutting tools with high quality , high PPR, short lead time to customers/buyer. WAGEN saw blades are widely used in field of furniture manufacturing, woodworking, aluminum cutting , Plexiglass cutting and others. WAGEN can supply products with full kinds and specifications. Customer’s special requirements are available too.

 WAGEN-PCB,Acrylic, Organic Glass,Plastic saw blades
 WAGEN-Metal Cutting Cold Sawblade
 WAGEN-T.C.T Saw blade for Cutting Aluminum,Non-Ferrous Metals
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