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Product Details
Product > ◢ Giant circular Saw Blade for Metal,Steel,Aluminum cutting > Extra Large Saw Blade for Metal,Steel,Aluminum cutting > Metallurgical T.C.T Saw Blade for steel/Aluminum

Item NO. : 1
Commodity : Metallurgical T.C.T Saw Blade for steel/Aluminum

Brief Description :

·      Metallurgical T.C.T Saw Blade for steel structure/steel rail.Tungsten Carbide Tipped Saw Blade for steel/Aluminum/stainless cutting.Outer Diameter 700~2200mm

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Description :

It is a combined-type cutlery, with the carbide tips brazed on the tooth holders of the alloy steel made body. It is used by Iron & Steel Plant, Steel Tube Factory, etc. for cutting sections made of carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron, copper and aluminum, etc. in normal temperature.

Carbide Tipped circular Saw Blade(TCT) Used for Round Steel Bar. It is mainly used for cutting round steel bar in the cold condition, the cutting diameter can reach φ450mm. It also can be used for cutting the steel rails of normal temperature and used with various kinds of cutting machines in and abroad.

Tungsten carbide circular saw blade is suitable for use at room temperature, with a dedicated cutting saw supporting the use of a cutting saw blade, the circular saw blade material is 8CrV, 75Cr1, 80CrV2 and other high-quality alloy tool steel through treatment, machining processes.


 To achieve good mechanical properties, in saw blade outer diameter with brazing fine particles or ultra fine particles carbide  segments, and then through the precision tooth VOLLMER grinding machine grinding out the required tooth profile, According to the  different cutting parts, it is generally divided into steel tube cutting, steel tube row cutting, rail cutting, aluminum round bar cutting,  aluminum profile cutting, non-ferrous metal cutting, steel pipe CNC profiling sawing saw blade, ultra-thin fast cutting saw blade.



                   ★ Delivery Time: within 50 days after receiving the down payment.

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